Our Team

At The William Wilberforce we recognise that our staff are our most valuable asset.

Our motivated and committed team of staff all share one vision: to deliver the highest standard of care at all times. With an expert management team and highly trained employees, we can confidently provide quality services that constantly evolve alongside our regularly maintained training sessions.

Staff are selected carefully – qualifications, experience and knowledge are a must, but we also place a large emphasis on attitude and willingness to carry out roles with genuine enthusiasm and interest in individual needs. Depending on the role, all of our team have a minimum of either nvq2 or nvq3 qualifications, and all undergo our rigorous in-house training program. Needless to say, thorough security checks are made before anyone begins work at the William Wilberforce.

Though not a nursing home, we have two registered nurses (one psychiatric) on site who are able to offer that extra level of care and treatment when required.