Our Approach

Come and see us. A warm welcome awaits you…

From your first enquiry to The William Wilberforce, you will receive a cordial invitation to come and meet us. The whole family is very welcome. When you arrive, our manager will be delighted to discuss your individual requirements and outline the wide range of services we are able to provide. We want you to have all the information you need, so we will formalise the process with a written initial assessment of your needs, allowing you to make a fully-informed decision about whether our home is appropriate to you.


We always encourage potential residents to spend a couple of nights with us to give them a chance to experience homely life at The William Wilberforce and gain an invaluable snapshot of how we are able to meet their needs.



Individualised Care


Everyone is unique.


No two residents have the same needs, and personal fulfilment is – quite simply – personal. That’s why we offer individualised care plans, each one tailored to your preferences. Our residents are not patients, but guests. Aside from the care we offer, we take into consideration all aspects of daily living when looking after our residents. When it comes food choices, hobbies, exercise habits, special interests, or even just your life story – we’re here to listen.




At The William Wilberforce, out staff actively encourage residents to lead fulfilling lives, both privately and socially, and aim to get the balance right between gentle encouragement and interfering – if you don’t want to attend a quiz, for instance, nobody is going to insist that you do. Some residents are more active than others, some prefer their own privacy much of the time; some residents are happy to pursue ongoing interests, others embrace our activities and learn new skills. Wherever you stand, we can accommodate you.


On the physical side of things, we help maintain independence by ensuring any necessary aids and equipment are provided. We will also keep a close eye on your physical health and, when needed, make sure appropriate referrals are made for physiotherapy and other professional health care services.